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Linking Your Pc to A class room Projector. Video Connectors


These pages describes making a classroom projector reveal your pc's display.

Video Connectors

Before linking, be sure you know what the various connectors look like.

In the event your computer doesn't always have a port to complement one of these simple connectors, you'll want to use the movie adapter that IT offered you whenever you received your Biola computer.

Sound Connectors

No extra sound connector is necessary for HDMI.

Control Panels

Only a few classrooms have actually the exact same control interface. The 3 kinds of control panels are shown below.

Just how to Connect A laptop computer up to a Projector - Extron and Russell techniques

Plug the VGA or HDMI cable to your computer.

Utilize a video clip adapter if required.

Walk up to the control interface and push the video button that is proper

If you should be utilizing A extron control panel, push the ON switch to make regarding the projector.

You ought to now see movie regarding the projector.

Simple tips to link a laptop hdmi that is using or - Crestron System

Touch to choose HDMI computer or VGA computer.

The projection screen shall reduce through the roof.

Plug the HDMI or VGA cable into the computer.

Utilize a video clip adapter if required.

Simple tips to link A laptop computer utilizing airmedia - crestron System

Touch to choose AirMedia.

The projection screen will reduce through the roof.

Run the AirMedia application.

In cases where a caution screen seems, click okay.

Fill in the areas into the login screen.

IP/Hostname: The internet protocol address listed on the projection screen in parentheses. Consumer Name: Your NetID. Login Code: The rule noted on the projection screen.

Click on the pause key should you want to freeze the display to make certain that people can't see just what you are doing on your pc.