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In European Tech: €200M in new VC funds, Facebook Dating in Europe, China upset with Sweden, and other deals/stories that caught our eyes today

Andrii Degeler

Journalist and podcast host situated in holland. Addressing all things technology for, Engadget, TNW, Ars Technica UK, the Kyiv Post, and much more.


We had beenn't in a position to upload an everyday round-up yesterday due to preparing dilemmas, tright herefore here is two times' worth of European tech news goodness, prepared only for you:


- A Paris-based group has a fantasy for Beam: to show it into a brand new, unique method to see the online and collect and store knowledge as you go along. To that particular end, they will have raised a €3 million seed round from more information on investors; the particular product will ideally be delivered the following year. Our editor Robin Wauters has received a peek at a model and described it as “a cross from a search that is vertical, something like Roam Research …, and a sparse version of Evernote.”