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Exactly about 3 strategies for getting a statutory meaning on Westlaw Edge

Finding definitions in statutes could be tricky. In the event that you’ve already went a search in Westlaw Edge but still can’t appear to find what you are actually in search of, you might not understand what else to complete. Well, there are many tricks you should use to find definitions that are specific Westlaw Edge.

Make use of the table to articles to locate a meaning area

Several times, the very first area in a statutory chapter or Act could be the definition area. As an example, state you might be reading 17 USCA § 302 – Duration of copyright – on Westlaw Edge, and also you see subpart (c) is dealing with “Anonymous Functions, Pseudonymous Functions, and Works created for Hire.” Those are three rather technical terms that, you may not know unless you know copyright law.

The definitions in situations like this, try going to the table of contents for either the subpart or the overall chapter and see if the first section lists.

In this situation, 17 USCA В§101 is completely definitions, and all sorts of three of the terms are defined for the reason that area.

Make use of a terms-and-connectors search to get a statutory meaning

Shock, you are able to nevertheless run old-school terms-and-connectors that are boolean in Westlaw Edge. It does come in handy when you are looking for something very specific in statutes — like definitions while you may not use this type of search often. Just go directly to the statutes for the appropriate jurisdiction (just like the USCA) and run the following search:

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