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Exactly What makes up about the strong disapproval of anybody utilizing the term 'cunt' in the usa, once the belief does not occur towards the extent that is same the united kingdom?

To be clear, it really is nevertheless a word that is strong used in the UK, but it is much, significantly more typical to listen to it here than it really is right here in america.

Can it be just because of a discrepancy in popular morals, or are there any particular occurrences that are historical play in america which have left their mark? Does the strong movement that is feminist the usa when you look at the 60/70ies element in e.g.?

Does anyone understand how 'acceptable' the word is in other nations having A english that is large speaking (Asia e.g.)?

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I am brand new here, and I also ask this truly, when I've resided both in England as well as the States and were interested in the reaction that is visceral term has a tendency to evoke by good sized quantities Americans. Per past talks on meta there is a consensus for maybe perhaps not shying far from unpleasant terms and a faction that does not also recommend censoring them whenever found in the context of speaking about the English language.

We decided to only censor it within the name, so no one can claim to be offended when they click right through, and also this question will nevertheless arrive in search engine results when it comes to uncensored variation.

Have always been we right in stating that in america the main use of the term is for a person to phone a female a cunt as an accusation of reprehensible ethical requirements, in addition to it being laced with undertones of misogyny and sexism?