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Intercourse, university, and social media marketing A Commonsense Guide to Navigating the Hookup customs

Cindy Pierce

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Intercourse, College, and social media marketing: A Commonsense Guide to Navigating the Hookup customs

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Intercourse in university has not been easy. In accordance with modern tools, the increasing prices of intimate attack and STDs, plus an ever more ambiguous hookup tradition, it really is getting more and more complex. Intercourse, university, and social media marketing: A Commonsense help Guide to Navigating the Hookup heritage is a compassionate, funny, and well-researched primer for the present day university student, both male and female. It covers a selection of subjects, including: * How improved interaction could make intercourse better for everyone * Ways that porn in addition to news have actually warped our objectives * honest information on STDs and contraception * just how to have a healthier relationship with liquor and medications * What terminology is suitable and respectful to make use of for many things LGBTQ * The facts about intimate assault on campus, and how to proceed you know is assaulted * Consent * and much more Based on author Cindy Pierce's experience talking to college students and on extensive social and medical research, Sex, College, and Social Media provides trustworthy answers for pressing questions about all aspects of the college social scene if you or someone.