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I am a 'sugar daddy' who has got been dating exactly the same 'sugar child' for 36 months — some tips about what everybody else gets incorrect about our relationship

After Business Insider published tale about how precisely some university students are getting to be "sugar babies" to greatly help pay money for university, we heard from several "sugar daddies" whom stated there is more to it. One audience penned to us about his "sugar dating" experience.

This audience works in technology in Silicon Valley, and contains an earnings " more than $250,000" and a worth that is netwell over $1.5 million." He's in the mid-60s.

their account, edited for clarity, is below, in which he continues to be anonymous for privacy purposes.

Outsiders have a tendency to equate being truly a sugar infant with prostitution, but that is perhaps perhaps not exactly just how it is seen by me.

For me, sugar relationship is much more like an arranged marriage that is temporary you are doing your personal arranging.