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Plumbing energy sink into automatic washer without any vent

Thus I currently have actually a automatic washer which has its hose operating into a 2" standpipe that is taken from my cellar flooring. A humidifier hose and AC hose additionally squeezes into that standpipe and it's really pretty tight and looking that is janky. I am wanting to clean every thing up with proper piping, use a washing package as well as a software application sink.

There isn't any vent or extra plumbing work nearby that is easy to get at.

The standpipe is in the left, machine at the center while the sink will be from the right. Could I have PVC that is single pipe links the sink into the machine that then links to your standpipe? Do i want a technical vent for it to the office? All of it appeared to work fine prior to but i am certain it absolutely wasn't to rule (Toronto). What's the way that is best in order to connect the humidifier and AC into the exact exact exact same pipeline? Can I have connections that are individual towards the standpipe?

Listed here is the standpipe on the left with humidifier and washer draining into it:

Diagram for the setup that is current

Proposed setup - sink on right and washer on remaining, draining into standpipe.

Or listed here is another proposition. My understanding is i must swap the sink wye and place it over the washer generally there's no possibility of supporting up the utility sink.

just What factors can I be making in terms of venting, perspectives and levels? Some other factors?

Many thanks for the assistance!

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Do not stack the san tee's on the top of one another like in your next drawing. Since the top fixture drains it may produce vacuum pressure within the reduced trap arm and siphon water through the trap enabling sewer fuel in to the space. What you would like to complete rather is use an upside down wye or "Y" fitting (generally there is two openings on the top plus one regarding the base) having an elbow that is 45 the branch that's not totally straight.