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Of, or associated with, intimate or passionate love or interest.A responsiveness to interior or outside stimulus.

An acronym utilized to express the next sexual and gender identities/groups: Q: Queer and/or Questioning, U: Unidentified, we: Intersex, L: Lesbian, T: Transgender, B: Bisexual, A: Asexual (and/or) Allies, G: Gay and/or Genderqueer (GQ).

Prejudice, discrimination and oppression considering race/ethnicity or observed or assigned race/ethnicity.When one individual does a intimate work to, on, or inside someone else would you not need to engage; who does not want to take part and/or would you perhaps maybe maybe not or perhaps is struggling to completely and freely consent to be a part of that activity.A intimate partner who's having one thing done for them, or that is using part of a partner's human body or an adult toy to their human body.