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Bipolar condition vs. Borderline Personality Disorder. Manic depression is a mental (or mind) condition, while BPD is an emotional condition. Both problems are described as mood swings, nevertheless the intensity and length of those mood swings are very different.

The Nine apparent symptoms of BPD

individuals with BPD in many cases are terrified to be left or abandoned alone.

1. Concern with abandonment. Also something because innocuous as someone you care about showing up house later from work or going away for the week-end may trigger fear that is intense. This might prompt frantic efforts to keep carefully the other person near. You'll beg, cling, begin fights, monitor your one’s that are loved, if not actually block the individual from making. Regrettably, this behavior has a tendency to have the effect—driving that is opposite away.

2. Unstable relationships. Individuals with BPD generally have relationships which can be short-lived and intense. You may possibly fall in love quickly, thinking that each and every brand new individual is the only that will make one feel entire, and then be quickly disappointed. Your relationships either appear perfect or horrible, with no ground that is middle. Your enthusiasts, friends, or relatives may feel just like they will have psychological whiplash because of your swings that are rapid idealization to devaluation, anger, and hate.