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An excellent Essay is an one that is written on a topic you realize well and that actually works for all prompts that are different. As a fast example, notice how you can compose one essay that responses all of these questions:

Inform us in regards to you (or several other really generic profile/bio demand).

How will you be unique? (Discuss your history, identification, interest, or talent) [Similar to popular App prompt #1]

Inform us about a right time you failed and that which you discovered as a result.

Exactly what are your academic and/or profession goals?

Don’t believe one essay could answer every one of these prompts?

The essay informs us about: whom the writer is (Prompt 1), exactly how this woman is unique (Prompt 2), just how she learned and failed through the experience (Prompt 3), and also her scholastic and profession objectives (Prompt 4).

To get this: about a time when you had a belief or idea challenged,” she could simply have added something like “I didn’t believe I’d ever find my voice/be able to speak up for myself… but I learned I was wrong--that I did have a voice”) if she’d wanted to answer the prompt that asks her to “Tell us.