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Just how to replace the plug on your own dryer to allow for a 3- or outlet that is 4-prong

Have actually you ever relocated to a brand new household, gone to connect in your dryer, and CRAP! the plug doesn’t fit?

Many houses have either a 3-prong or 4-prong socket for your dryer. You move houses you have a 50/50 chance that the current plug will work with whatever outlet your house comes with if you purchased a new dryer chances are the dryer didn’t come with a power cord at all, and when.

Just what exactly have you been likely to do? Phone an electrician for the penny that is pretty to attach a brand new cord for your needs? It's among the DIYs that is easiest nowadays. There's no explanation you will need to waste your hard earned cash when you can finally easily swap out of the dryer plug yourself.

Our new household has a dryer socket for a 3-prong plug. Our last two homes have experienced 4-prong outlets, so our dryer has an outlet that is 4-prong it.

Truthfully, probably the most thing that is annoying this whole situation just isn't also needing to swap out of the cable; it is whenever you go to plug in your dryer and also you want to utilize the dryer AT THIS TIME and also you discover your plug doesn’t fit.