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Eu legislation regards discrimination against transgender individuals as a type of intercourse discrimination.

In December 2000, the Council adopted a (binding) basic Framework Directive on equal treatment in work prohibiting direct and indirect discrimination on the basis of faith or belief, age, impairment or intimate orientation. The Framework Directive is binding upon the present user states, whilst the accession states have to have finished nationwide utilization of the Directive before joining the EU.

The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights is supposed to end up being the code that is EU of liberties and had been proclaimed in sweet in December 2000. The Charter presently is really a binding that is non it is crucial because it expresses the EU eyesight on peoples liberties. For lesbians, homosexual and bisexuals the Charter is very important due to the explicit non discrimination conditions in Article 21 (1): "Any discrimination centered on any ground such as for example intercourse, battle, color, cultural or social beginning, hereditary features, language, religion or belief, governmental or other viewpoint, account of the nationwide minority, home, delivery, impairment, age or intimate orientation will probably be prohibited".

The European Parliament (EP) passed a few (non binding) resolutions on individual liberties and intimate orientation, 1st, used in 1984, calling for a finish to get results associated discrimination on the basis of intimate orientation. In 1994, the "Roth" Report detailed the range of discrimination against lesbians and gays within the EU additionally the Parliament adopted a recommendation regarding the abolition of all of the types of intimate orientation discrimination. Although its power is restricted, EP can exert an important governmental impact on the Council and also the Commission as with 1999 it asked for them "to raise issue of discrimination against homosexuals during account negotiations, where necessary".