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Worldwide, Hindus will be the best spiritual crowd with a majority of someone residing extended-family homes, with 55per cent moving into such type of agreement

Hindus: home sort

Globally, Hindus will be the sole spiritual people with a lot of anyone living in extended-family properties, with 55percent residing in this placement. Relatedly, Hindus were unlikely than non-Hindus to reside a couple-only plan (3% vs. 9%). Hindus, in addition to Muslims, possess slightest display of adherents who happen to live alone (1% in each collection).

In the Asia-Pacific place, Hindus tend to be more most likely than non-Hindus to reside in prolonged homes (55% vs. 42per cent). But this sample are little verbalized in Asia, exactly where spiritual minorities inhabit arrangements much Hindus. Indian Hindus are only more expected to accept lengthy family members (55per cent, compared with 51% for non-Hindus).