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5 Harsh Truths About Co-parenting With an Ex

Claire Gillespie

Will you be wondering what the challenge that is biggest of co-parenting with an ex is? Well, it is the whole thing. Anybody who informs you otherwise is a huge old liar (or hasn't done it on their own and it is therefore entirely unqualified to possess a viewpoint). Co-parenting with an ex may be exhausting and messy and then make you want to tear the hair on your head down on a basis that is regular. Even though finding a co-parenting spot that is sweet feasible, it will take years.

We speak from experience; my ex-husband and I also separated over 5 years ago, and I’d state that the very first 36 months had been consummately hideous. He'd concur, and I also can state that now, because we’re buddies again so we can speak about these items. (We’re not exactly in the stage where we’re actually laughing in regards to the abusive e-mails of 2014, but we’re getting here.)

Nevertheless, that doesn’t suggest we don’t continue to have problems. We have problems. And hard, frustrating conversations — and niggling, pointless fallouts.