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Casual Sex sites

Parents of wife sexually attacked by Tinder rapist Glenn Hartland claim application should stop serial offenders

By Avani Dias, Ange McCormack and Ali Russell

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Mom and dad of someone who had been sexually assaulted by a serial rapist exactly who she met on Tinder have got required the organization to circumvent permitting love-making offenders to be throughout the app.

Key points:

  • Men dubbed the "Tinder rapist" build a number of pages to entice ladies on dating application
  • The parents of 1 person, who accepted her very own lives, say Tinder should accomplish more to eliminate serial offenders
  • Authorities talk about without essential identification document check it is becoming impossible to stop a culprit from developing many profiles

Glenn Hartland is called the "Tinder rapist" and just last year was actually sentenced to much more than 14 many years in prison for raping three women and indecently assaulting another.

Paula got among those ladies. She met Hartland concerning Tinder around 2014 and after dating him for a few months, she split it all.

The management consulting firm’s wordmark logo design redesign wasn’t a dramatic one. Nonetheless it’s a prime exemplory instance of a update that is tasteful with increased attention compensated towards the customized typeface and kerning.

That which we like: The stacked-text design works more effectively when it comes to amount of the organization title, trying out less horizontal room. The bolder customized typeface is much more unforgettable, and lots of regarding the figures have actually quirky features (such as the little notches from the ends of the lowercase “a” and “c”).

That which we don’t: absolutely nothing to criticize right here!

6. Coldwell Banker

After within the footsteps of Century21’s major rebrand a year ago, Coldwell Banker eschewed its old search for a contemporary, overlapped monogram logo design. The rebrand received criticism that is angry social networking, signalling it absolutely was perhaps too dramatic of an alteration.

That which we like: We appreciate your time and effort to modernize the logo design while maintaining the standard deep-blue color.

That which we don’t: The redesign is like it loses the great elements of the logo that is old history and title recognition. While the celebrity expression seems both generic and that is confusing does it suggest? Fortunately, the ongoing business stated the logo design will be “tested within the field” before being finalized on signage as well as other advertising materials in 2020.


The company that is vacation-rental is another brand name that falls in to the “dramatic new appearance” category. The logo design went from a tame wordmark that is green a line-drawn design with tones of blue and splashes of orange and green.

That which we like: It’s hard not to appreciate the punchiness with this redesign.