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To locate their district clerka€™s company, please visit this say of Illinois site RIGHT HERE. (always try to find the state posting and never another national institution.)

Can we both ought to be current at state clerka€™s company to apply for a married relationship licenses? Yes. You and your lover must show up with the county clerka€™s workplace to try to get a wedding licenses. Make sure that you each existing proof of your very own name, such as for instance an up to date drivera€™s permit or state-issued image identification. Also, you and your companion must sign the applying during the existence regarding the county clerka€™s workers. A representative cannot to remain one or both of behalves, in case you posses an electrical of attorney or notarized affidavit giving the associate council to sign the application for yourself or your honey.

Can a district worker decline to give a wedding certificate since he or she stuff to your union? No. County clerks have to casual sex dating app fulfill the jobs of these spots as proposed by Illinois statute, as well as one of these responsibilities would be to give matrimony permits to qualified couples.

Am I allowed to see wedded in Illinois if I have always been a resident of another condition? Yes. Legislation let an out-of-state few to get married in Illinois unless the pair stays in, and promises to proceed residing, circumstances that reports relationships of same-sex partners a€?void.a€?