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Garbo dated men but unlike other Sewing Circle members...

Although Eva didn’t earnestly try to conceal her sex, she wasn’t precisely happy with it either. During the height of her chat online sex popularity, a relationship was begun by her with Alla Nazimova. After their breakup she started dating Mercedes de Acosta, with who she traveled to European countries, frequently turning up in the hair hair salon of famed openly lesbian Natalie that is socialite Barney. Actress Josephine Hutchinson to her relationship, who was simply hitched at that time, finished up being a big scandal into the press, inspiring Eva to share with a buddy, “If you've got any ideas about being truly a lesbian, don’t do it. Your daily life will be absolutely nothing but tragedy.” She then became involved in manager Margaret Webster, with who she co-founded the United states Repertory Theater.

6. Greta Garbo

Alleged relationships & lovers: Marlene Dietrich, Mercedes de Acosta, Salka Viertel, Louise Brooks, Billie getaway, Lilyan Tashman, Tallulah Bankhead

Garbo dated men but unlike other Sewing Circle members, never ever hitched one. As opposed to lie to your press about her personal life, she established a reputation as mysterious and aloof. Like Kristen Stewart! During the chronilogical age of 19, while focusing on an obscure German movie — before going to America and being a star — she had been seduced by 23-year-old Marlene Dietrich, described by Hollywood historian Diana McLellan as being a “bohemian young mama having a notorious and compulsive appetite for the intimate seduction of other gorgeous ladies, particularly backstage.” Garbo, having said that, ended up being “simple” and “sensitive,” and ended up so harmed by Dietrich that she denied once you understand her for the others of her life.