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Tinder's Pouch Number. Tinder's Bag of Holding Offers The Appropriate.

Meridiem Explorations: [ modify | modify supply ]

-tattered orange garb from older monk along with his head

As available on Mt. Machtobo whenever Tinder registered the world of Xel and being one of the few mortals to-break of its understand single handedly. It had been afterwards regularly frighten the junk from the monks indeed there, instead of intent behind program.

-lemon that never goes away completely once you take in they Destined Lemon

On one part is a goblins face with a tilted expanded, his nose is really big. One other area illustrates a womans chest on a sunset. Most of the coins expect become chewed on by things with fangs.

- magical icicle switch-blade

Found near the monster Ice wall surface on Meridiem which was guarded by Two Drow lookin animals, however later to get daemons of manner, the ice blade seems to be a frozen handle, which very cold to the touch, but moving your wrist create a razor-sharp icicle. It shatters like typical ice, and also in big temperature will melt. ((GIVEN TO OAKNOT POWDERLEAF))

-small level piece of sharpening stone

Taken from Wol's Dwarf-like avatar, it absolutely was lent during an unusual confrintation with a tornado. [[

- tetsu's budget *The guide is labeled "desire Legends"*

A novel used by Tinder therefore the class on Meridiem concerning the strange beasts that turned legend, they lists around 13 of the most well-known them.