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About Danb ru

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B ru (bo ru) is just a type that is special of, a gallery website devoted to sorting and cataloging pictures making use of tags. The idea of ​​which is the ability to write messages with an attached picture, and where the image has an auxiliary, albeit inalienable function aimed at supplementing the message, at b ru images are the main objects that are stored there forever, and comments are present as a secondary function to discuss images unlike traditional image-forums. Many b rus are centered on images in manga/anime design book of matches com.

Danb ru may be the first of its sort, an open-source project which has spawned other people. The very first surviving post is dated might 23, 2005.

Danb ru Strange Title

The name arises from Japanese, translation – cardboard package. Additionally, it is shown regarding the favicon associated with website. In addition, the expressed term b ru might be a repetition of Japanese English., romaji bōru, interpretation board.

The website name refers to the united states of america possesses a pun. Donmai may be the spelling that is japanese mind”, “don’t brain, don’t worry,” plus the abbreviation “us” (United States) additionally means “we”.