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Any hard fl r in your house is susceptible to scuff marks.

How Exactly To Eliminate Scuff Marks From Fl ring

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Scuff marks would be the black streaks usually kept by items which have a difficult rubber base, such as for example heels, hard-soled shoes, ladders, furniture, toys, an such like. The following tricks should allow you to beat those scuff that is unsightly with less effort than you probably imagined.

Rubber vs. Rubber


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For smaller scuff markings, use a pencil eraser that is regular. Rub the location securely before the scuff mark disappears. Be sure to sweep up any eraser that is remaining as they can cause unique stains if kept unattended. Some organizations now make unique eraser-type items for this function. One product that is such works perfectly on scuff markings may be the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, generally available where ever cleaning items are sold. But, a Magic Eraser can eliminate the finish from some forms of fl rs, so be sure to test it in a small concealed area first.

Tennis Shoe

For bigger scuff markings, try using the rubber sole of a tennis shoe. Press your hand in to the f twear, and rub the spot securely utilizing the heel. Should this be uncomfortable, or you feel you're not applying sufficient pressure, place your base inside the f twear and sc rub once more having a circular, grinding motion.