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a pull king and his awesome wife — childhood sweethearts that identify as asexual

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splitting stereotypes surrounding sex and gender.

Jeremiah Douberly and Meagan Douberly, both 25, inside Richmond, Virginia their dog beagle. The pair, who've regarded each other since they were 14, character as asexual, meaning they offer no sexual dreams toward one another or others — yet they define her like as both intimate and platonic.

Meagan (placed) and Jeremiah Douberly Barcroft Images

Jeremiah is not only asexual, this individual considers on his own to be agender — he identifies as neither male nor female.

“I don’t actually have any preferred pronouns so I don’t truly recognize as male eventhough I’m a mens. I just think my own gender try a personal experience to have,” Jeremiah instructed Barcroft television.

Jerimiah, a hospice health professional in the day time hours, breaks gender norms with his pull alter-ego JayyRuger. In addition, he works sports stunts in characteristics at neighborhood bars.

“i enjoy that Jay should these ridiculous death falls, I presume they've been incredible, simply impressive,” Meagan says.