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Somebody scraped 40,000 Tinder selfies in order to make a facial dataset for AI experiments

Tinder users have numerous motives for uploading their likeness into the dating application. But adding a facial biometric to a online information set for training convolutional neural companies probably wasn’t top of these list once they opted to swipe.

A person of Kaggle, a platform for machine learning and information technology competitions that was recently obtained by Bing, has uploaded a facial information set he says was made by exploiting Tinder’s API to clean 40,000 profile pictures from Bay region users of this dating app — 20,000 apiece from pages of every sex.

The information set, called individuals of Tinder, is comprised of six downloadable zip files, with four containing around 10,000 profile pictures each and two files with test sets of around 500 pictures per sex.

Some users have experienced multiple pictures scraped from their pages, generally there is likely a whole lot fewer than 40,000 Tinder users represented right right right here.

The creator regarding the data set, Stuart Colianni, has released it under a CC0: Public Domain License and in addition uploaded their scraper script to GitHub.

He defines it as being a “simple script to clean Tinder profile pictures for the true purpose of producing a dataset that is facial” saying their motivation for producing the scraper ended up being dissatisfaction using the services of other facial information sets. He additionally defines Tinder as offering “near limitless access to generate a facial data set” and says scraping the software provides “an excessively efficient option to gather such data.”

“i've often been disappointed,” he writes of other facial information sets. “The datasets are generally exceedingly strict within their framework, and so are usually too little. Tinder provides you with use of lots of people within miles of you. Why don't you leverage Tinder to construct a significantly better, bigger face dataset?”