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Best Opening Line For A Dating Site

Tinder does not protect ladies from punishment. However when we brush off ‘dick pics’ as a laugh, so do we


Analysis Associate in Digital System Regulation, Queensland University of Technology

Professor, Queensland University of Tech

Disclosure statement

Rosalie Gillett gets funding through the Australian Research Council for Discovery-Project "The Platform Governance Project: Rethinking Internet Regulation as Media Policy" and it is the recipient of Twitter Content Governance grant.

Nicolas Suzor receives funding through the Australian Research Council for research regarding the governance of electronic platforms, and it is a Chief Investigator associated with ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making and community. Nic can also be a part associated with the Oversight Board, an organisation that is independent hears appeals and makes binding choices by what content Facebook and Instagram should enable or eliminate, predicated on worldwide peoples liberties norms. He's the writer of Lawless: the rules that are secret govern our electronic life (Cambridge).


Queensland University of tech provides financing as a known user of this discussion AU.

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