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10 Women Get Real About Their Principal Kisses With Ladies

"It actually was a significant milestone in exploring simple sex."

No-one ever forgets the exciting, stressful, butterfly-inducing sense of a very first touch. Seventeen talked to 10 girls about their fundamental experiences smooching ladies. Some comprise undergoing checking out their unique sex, some got currently discovered how to do it, and several comprise only goofing around a€” all conditions which are entirely standard. From trying to play quarters as toddlers to dance floors make-outs to spin-the-bottle dares, these posts are way too cute.

1. The hug that replaced everything

"I got a sweetheart shortly in university, nevertheless 1st female I kissed is an individual I found at school direction. It actually was a day or two after our very first meeting, and now we choose to go to hang call at the area. It absolutely was very clear that we comprise both enthusiastic about the other person. She questioned if she could kiss me, and definitely we explained certainly. You kissed for partners mere seconds but smashed aside just before the woman roomie's complete relatives moved in.