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Information and strategies for LDR dom/sub. And simply any advice generally speaking for a distance that is long checking out dom/sub roles could be helpful.

# 1 Taheen

Hey all, first-time poster and newbie to all of it, i'll vent about my situation a bit so apologies ahead of time and go on it simple on me please haha

Thus I've been with my gf for over a year now, but because of life being just how it's and our individual circumstances, almost all of it was long-distance (we now haven't seen one another in six months and there is an 8 hour distinction between us - and I also'm uncertain as soon as we'll be seeing one another due to the COVID-19 problem). The connection has been pretty vanilla, really the only kink stuff that has been mentioned it was anal, sex in a public place, and watersports before we got to try. However the distance and time apart is seldom an path that is easy specially when it concerns experiencing desired or sexually pleased.