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"My Partner's Loans Are Destroying Our Everyday Lives": 36 Financial Decisions People Regret

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to fairly share their worst monetary decisions. A person makes (the average student debt in the US is more than $32,000), it's not entirely surprising that many of the responses involved school — taking out large student loans, choosing the wrong program, or not understanding the financial aid process as college is one of the biggest investments. Other people told tales about ex-partners, vehicles, and credit automobiles. Someone also admitted that he regrets marrying someone with so much debt while he loves his wife.

Experiences like these harmed, and they are difficult to speak about. We asked visitors to start up about their errors to make certain that, hopefully, you are able to study from them.

Listed below are 36 big financial choices debit card payday loans Lincoln Park MI individuals state they regretted.

1. Her loans are just about destroying our life.